cookie dough nice cream

Plan ahead and stock your freezer with frozen bananas and DASH cookie dough bites and you could be mere minutes away from eating cookie dough nice cream at all times! In this recipe, you can choose between chocolate chip cookie dough or sprinkle sugar cookie dough. Chocolate chip is my favorite, but I do like them both. The uninitiated may wonder, what is nice cream? Bananas, basically, but keep reading. When frozen and blended, bananas turn into a sweet, creamy delight reminiscent of ice cream, but without all the bad stuff.

spaghetti squash with creamy red pepper sauce

Spaghetti squash has a mild flavor and can be dressed up any way you like. Its high in fiber and low in calories, but with the right sauce it can be a satisfying meal unto itself. The sauce here is thick, hearty, and intensely flavorful. Although the roasting time makes this dish take around an hour, the hands-on prep is minimal, and I find spaghetti squash with creamy red pepper sauce makes a fine weeknight meal.

peachy baked oats

Is it oatmeal? Is it cake? Who knows. What I do know is that it’s an super easy breakfast offering a balance of fruit, protein, and complex carbs. Vanilla and a hint of cinnamon flavor batter studded with juicy peaches, which yields a cozy texture somewhere between muffin and bread pudding. Peachy baked oats come together in minutes in a blender and can bake while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee or get ready for your day.